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We believe in empowering people with better understanding of their bodies, fostering real relationships, and making sure our impact on the world is for the best in everything we do from seed to beyond the shelf.





In addition our joint venture with locals takes fair trade to another level. By establishing infrastructure and manufacturing operations in Peru, Symphony Natural Health has created industry with year-round employment, through a vertically integrated operation and now exports a value added finished product. This results in Symphony Natural Health injecting over five times more money into Peru’s economy than exporting a low cost basic herbal powder.


We also support organizations that align with our missions and values such as:

Naturopathic Education and Research Consortium

The NERC’s vision of a healthcare system where naturopathic physicians are optimally educated and prepared for clinical practice is critical for paradigm shift towards holistic health. The NERC support their vision through the missions of continued education, mentoring, practical experience, research and healthCARE. Symphony Natural Health strongly supports this vision financially and ideologically as we believe that education and the transfer of not just knowledge but wisdom, as this program does, is the foundation for improving the health of future generations.

Institute of Women's Health and Integrative Medicine

Symphony Natural Health is very much aligned with a focus on women’s health and is proud to be a Silver Sponsor of The Institute of Women's Health and Integrative Medicine - an educational and research organization whose mission is to provide advanced training to primary health care practitioners and to conduct and support clinical research in women's health and natural therapies and integrative medicine. The institute offers quarterly seminars that cover menstrual disorders, menopause, women's cancers, primary care for women and many other women’s health issues which have been neglected for too long. Click here to learn more or to attend the next seminar.

Nourish America

Symphony Natural Health was proud to support Nourish America for 5 years until it was shut down recently. Nourish America supported families experiencing economic hardships by providing them with health products and supplements for free.

Medicine Horse Program

Symphony Natural Health was proud to support the Medicine Horse Program in Colorado. This inspiring Hope Foal Program rescues Premarin foals and pairs them with low self-esteem, depressed or suicidal young girls to provide a unique opportunity for personal growth and mutual care. Giving these young girls the responsibility of "gentling and handling" foals, who have had a rough start in life and need great amounts of love and kindness, not only allows them to identify but helps provide these teenagers with a mutually beneficial relationship through which to find purpose, love and maturity.


Awakes is a health creation, education and empowerment non-profit that implements programs and provides information, protocols and action plans on wellness and health conditions from an integrative and holistic perspective, for the general public, from a board of the leading experts in each field of holistic health and integrative medicine.