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How MacaLife Affects Hormone Health

Night sweats. Hot flashes. Mood swings within minutes.

Weight gain. Bursts of anger and rage. Fuzzy thinking. No energy. Vaginal dryness and low libido?


These are all symptoms of perimenopause...and can torment you for the next 10 years!

That's because women in their 40's and early 50's may transition in and out of a perimenopausal state many times before they finally enter menopause. It's kind of like puberty... in reverse.

Perimenopausal symptoms are due to the declining/fluctuating sex hormone production from command central for your body's internal balance - your hypothalamus.

Now, when you hear "sex hormones" you probably think of, well, sex...and growing breasts, hips and babies.

But like most elegant solutions in nature, your hormones (estrogen, progesterone, estradiol, testosterone) are complex. You might even say they're in control of everything.

That's because researchers have discovered there are "hormone receptors" on nearly every cell in your body:

  • Estrogen receptors on your brain cells
  • Progesterone receptors on your bones
  • Receptors for both on your white blood cells

In fact, receptors for estrogen and progesterone are practically everywhere!

So when your hypothalamus decided to produce less estrogen, progesterone or other hormones, it started causing havoc for your entire body, brain and spirit.

Femmenessence is your best solution

And women who get support from our free Medical Team or their own doctor to adjust the dose and get additional support for their exact needs have seen an even higher success rate!

Double-blind, placebo-controlled, clinical trial results, published in international medical journals, showed a 78% success rate, with 8 out of 10 women experiencing a highly statistically significant reduction in menopausal symptoms.**

Some women saw results as soon as 2 days, the majority in 3 weeks and over 8 out of 10 within their first 1-2 boxes (1-4 month supply).**

**Individual results may vary. Yours may be even better!

No other supplement works as well, as fast, or as comprehensively as Femmenessence

The truth is, Femmenessence is your whole-health solution!

Femmenessence MacaLife® naturally supports:

  • Fast, gentle relief from hot flashes and night sweats*
  • Better Sleep*
  • Mood and improved outlook on life*
  • Healthy energy levels*
  • Sexual health - libido and vaginal dryness*

But it doesn't stop there! You may also enjoy:

  • A healthy body weight*
  • Healthier hair, skin and nails*
  • Maintenance of cholesterol and triglyceride levels that are already within the normal range*
  • Healthy energy levels*
  • Brain health*

Only Femmenessence has the world's highest success rate of any natural, herbal product in reducing menopause symptoms and supporting your bone and heart health.*

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Femmenessence MacaLife for Hormone Balance and Peri-Menopasual Symptoms
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