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Breast Cancer History

Patients with a History of Breast Cancer Seeking Products for Relief of Menopausal Symptoms


This document is to help support you and your healthcare provider to develop a protocol that would be ideal for you. Your healthcare provider may also contact our medical team at

Femmenessence is not indicated (or contraindicated) for those taking hormone suppressing drugs such as Tamoxifen®.

Our first suggestion is that you try Black Cohosh extract, 40mg twice a day (most clinically proven brand is Remifemin). Studies indicate that Black Cohosh inhibits ER (estrogen receptor) positive breast cancer cells, and in one study has demonstrated an association between the use of Black Cohosh for menopause symptoms and a 61% lower incidence of breast cancer.

Femmenessence does not introduce any hormones into the body, instead it supports the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, which balances and regulates the body’s own production of hormones. Even though Femmenessence does not introduce any hormones into the body, it can increase or decrease the body’s own production of estrogen depending on what the body needs. As we have seen in clinical trials, Femmenessence can increase estrogen levels, and estrogen can have a potentially proliferative effect on some cancer cells. We have also seen with Femmenessence in estrogen dominant patients that there can be some fluctuations in estrogen levels in the early stages as the body is trying to rebalance, which is a concern for breast cancer.

Therefore, it is our position that patients with a history of breast cancer should only use Femmenessence while under the strict guidance of an accredited integrative physician. We would emphasize that before anyone in this scenario started on Femmenessence, that they evaluate the risk and the rewards and begin a protocol to optimize breast health, detoxification mechanisms and immune support. We suggest considering protocols that include the use of pH Quintessence, DIM, Indole-3-carbinol (I3C), calcium-D-glucarate, green tea, curcumin, antioxidants, fish oils and other products, again all under the guidance of a doctor. We further suggest that a patient adhere to a breast health, detoxification and immune support protocol for a minimum of 4-6 weeks prior to starting Femmenessence and then start on the lowest dose of one 500mg capsule per day or as suggested by your practitioner.