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Throughout our lives, skin health can be complex and involves many factors. Hormonal imbalance is certainly one of those factors.


This document is to help support you and your healthcare provider to develop a protocol that would be ideal for you. Your healthcare provider may also contact our medical team at

Many women have reclaimed their skin with Femmenessence. However, Femmenessence is not a dermatological product, so we always give these additional tips.

These 7 suggestions are a useful guide, not only for managing complexion, but supporting better overall hormonal balance:

  1. We recommend a Paleo style food plan. This is higher in fat and protein, which are the backbone to hormone production. It also includes plenty of green leafy vegetables and cruciferous veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, cabbages, etc.). Not only do these veggies provide a lot of nutrients, they also support the metabolism and detoxification of hormones and toxins in general. When the body is eliminating toxins and hormones, it can easily be presented in the skin, since this is the largest detoxification organ we have. As a result, acne can present. So, supporting the proper production, metabolism and excretion of hormones can reduce acne.

  2. Stop eating dairy, gluten and reduce the amount of processed sugar for at least 3-4 weeks to see how much that impacts your skin - these are two major causes of acne.

  3. Drink more water (8-16 oz. with each dose of Femmenessence and total 64-80oz every day) and add Sole to your water each morning. Not only is water required for all body functions, it helps to flush the toxins from the body and is a great way to clear up the skin.

  4. pH Quintessence is another way to support detox. This is important as it helps to clear toxins, which can contribute to acne and it also helps the body to metabolize and detoxify hormones. You would take 1 capsule in the morning and 2 at bedtime.

  5. Consider a high potency probiotic daily. We recommend Thorne’s Floramend or Pharmax’s HLC high-potency. A healthy gut/digestive tract will show in the skin. Acne is bacterial in nature and this all stems from the digestive tract. Keeping the good bacteria in balance with a quality probiotic will benefit skin health, digestive health, bowel movements and much more. Alternatively, add more fermented foods to your daily diet to support healthy gut bacteria. Get five different sorts of fermented foods (e.g. kimchi, Greek yogurt, kombucha, pickled beets, sauerkraut, etc) and eat a serving of each daily on a rotating basis. This simple dietary change will increase the bio-diversity of your gut bacteria and the more diverse, the healthier your microbiome. However, please note that if you have small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) - this may not be appropriate for you.

  6. Test your zinc status. The birth control pill has the effect of reducing zinc levels. There is a simple ‘zinc taste test’ test that can be purchased in pharmacy or health food stores) and supplement as appropriate. Zinc is a very useful trace element in the treatment of acne. It supports the immune system and reduces inflammation.

  7. Do more exercise like yoga or weights as the stretching and movement helps with the lymphatic system and detoxifying.

    Use Femmenessence daily and be consistent with your dosing to provide your body the needed balancing support is requires.